This is a taste of my music taste, as indicated by what I believe to be the best, or most interesting albums. I had to restrict myself to a single album per artist, or the list would be dominated by Opeth, the Ocean Collective, Ghost, and Pink Floyd.

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cover art Opeth - Blackwater Park (2001)
Progressive Metal
My favourite album. Listening to it in a Swedish forest changed me.
cover art Dream Theater - Metropolis pt2: Scenes from a Memory (1999)
Progressive Metal
A story about reincarnation by some of the best musicians prog-metal has to offer.
cover art The Ocean Collective - Pelagial (2013)
Progressive/Death Metal
The songs are named after oceanic depth zones and get heavier as you go deeper. Peak concept album.
cover art Haken - The Mountain (2013)
Progressive Metal
This album is somehow stereotypically prog and utterly unique at the same time.
cover art Ghost - Meliora (2015)
Progressive/Psychedelic Rock
Many bands make concept albums. Ghost is a concept band.
cover art Dool - Summerland (2020)
Progressive/Psychedelic Rock
Why is an album from 2020 making me feel this nostalgic?
cover art Year of the Goat - Novis Orbis Terrarum Ordinis (2019)
Progressive/Psychedelic Rock
50% fun and upbeat, 50% calm and moving, 100% intriguing.
cover art Hällas - Excerpts from a Future Past (2017)
Progressive/Psychedelic Rock
Adventure rock. Need I say more?
cover art King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Polygondwanaland (2017)
Progressive Rock
KGLW released five albums in 2017, all good, but this one truly stands out.
cover art Exodus to Infinity - Archetype Asylum (2020)
Progressive Rock/Genre Fusion
Criminally underrated melting pot of genres.
cover art King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King (1969)
Progressive Rock
The prog-rock cult hit.
cover art Pink Floyd - The Wall (1979)
Progressive Rock
I don't think I need to explain this one.
cover art Candlemass - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus (1986)
Doom Metal
There's a reason a genre was named after this album.
cover art Khemmis - Hunted (2016)
Doom Metal
A modern take on traditional death/doom metal that works surprisingly well.
cover art Swallow the Sun - When a Shadow is Forced Into the Light (2019)
Doom Metal
A deeply emotional composition about dealing with loss.
cover art Warning - Watching from a Distance (2006)
Doom Metal
The five stages of grief condensed into one soul-crushing album.
cover art Woods of Ypres - Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light (2012)
Doom Metal
An expression of anger unparalleled in doom metal.
cover art Bell Witch - Mirror Reaper (2017)
Funeral Doom Metal
A single 84-minute song of eye-watering beauty.
cover art Katatonia - The Fall of Hearts (2016)
Doom/Alternative Rock
My go-to comfort album.
cover art Godspeed You! Black Emperor - F♯ A♯ ∞ (1998)
What I'd listen to if the world was ending.
cover art God is an Astronaut - All is Violent, All is Bright (2005)
Music I could fade away to.
cover art Oh Hiroshima - In Silence We Yearn (2015)
Haunting yet engaging post-rock with superb vocals.
cover art Distant Dream - It All Starts from Pieces (2017)
Spacey, instrumental brilliance.
cover art Cult of Luna - Mariner (2016)
Just listen to those vocals.
cover art Iron Maiden - Powerslave (1984)
Heavy Metal
The pinnacle of heavy metal.
cover art Sabaton - Carolus Rex (2012)
Power Metal
A power metal album about Swedish history in Swedish? Sign me up.
cover art Blind Guardian - Nightfall in Middle-Earth (1998)
Heavy/Power Metal
Why isn't there more music based on the Silmarillion?
cover art Metallica - Ride the Lightning (1984)
Thrash Metal
As someone who likes nearly all Metallica albums, this is their best.
cover art Kreator - Pleasure to Kill (1986)
Thrash Metal
My only aim is to take many lives, the more the better I feel
cover art Death - The Sound of Perseverance (1998)
Death Metal
Some of the best riffs you'll ever hear live on this album.
cover art Be'lakor - Stone's Reach (2009)
Progressive Death Metal
An hour's worth of incredibly tight guitar and drum work.
cover art Ne Obliviscaris - Urn (2017)
Progressive Death Metal
Who knew violins and blast beats would go this well together.
cover art Iapetus - The Body Cosmic (2019)
Progressive Death Metal
A deeply passionate album of galactic proportions.
cover art Bathory - Hammerheart (1990)
Black Metal
The black metal vikings are here to take you on a journey.
cover art Primordial - To the Nameless Dead (2007)
Black Metal
Huh? Lyrically beautiful black metal?
cover art Agalloch - The Mantle (2002)
Atmospheric/Folk Metal
A wonderfully mixed contemplation of life and death.
cover art Ulver - Bergtatt (1995)
Atmospheric/Folk Metal
Norwegian fairy tales told through a combination of black metal and folk.
cover art Saor - Forgotten Paths (2019)
Atmospheric Black Metal
What you'd get if you put a screaming man with a violin in the Scottish highlands.
cover art Summoning - Stronghold (1999)
Atmospheric Black Metal
Grand, enchanting soundscapes.
cover art Kapitan Korsakov - Stuff & Such (2012)
It's difficult to find music this raw and yet this genuine.
cover art Alice in Chains - Dirt (1992)
'Down in a Hole' is one of the most beautiful songs out there.
cover art Green Day - American Idiot (2004)
Judge me all you want, this album slaps.