Site Info

This is a static website. No PHP or JavaScript here. This was achieved using a custom site generation script written in Python.

I chose this route, despite knowing PHP and JavaScript fairly well, because I believe a simple blog site like this should be lightweight and responsive first, and fancy second.

Check out this GitLab repository for the source code of both the website and the site generator.

The site is hosted by yours truly, using a Raspberry Pi 4B.


26-03-2024 - Updated style and improved scaling on small screens
25-03-2024 - Worldbuilding posted, Cybar edited, contact page added, updates to the about pages
19-12-2023 - Cybar posted, updates to the about pages
19-09-2023 - Update posted, Markdown support added, updates to style and the about pages
31-10-2022 - The Spawn of Stars Posted, updates to style and the about pages
01-10-2022 - Migrated from GitHub to GitLab
28-05-2022 - Atom feed added
21-05-2022 - Optimistic Nihilism posted
10-05-2022 - New font for better readability of blogposts
05-05-2022 - Various updates to style and the about pages
30-01-2022 - The Fermi Paradox posted
25-01-2022 - Site published