Other Interests

In case it wasn't obvious from the fact that I wrote and hosted this website myself, I like computers, programming, the internet and other stuff like that.

Other things that interest me, which are not present in other places on this site, include the following:
- Worldbuilding
- Drawing
- Dungeons & Dragons
- Magic: The Gathering
- Scuba diving
Finally, here are some links to things:
Good Software
- ArchLinux: The best Linux distro.
- Krita: Free drawing software.
- G.Projector: Map projection software from NASA.
- uBlock Origin: Powerful open-source ad/tracker blocker.
- Cemu: Wii U emulator.
Interesting websites
- The Internet Archives: Amazing archiving initiative.
- Humble Bundle: Massive discounts on games for charity.
- Encyclopaedia Metallum: Obscure metal bands galore.
- Azgaar's Map Generator: Procedural map generation.
- RPGBOT: Guides for various table-top RPG's.
- HeroForge: 3D miniature/character creator.
- RTINGS: Methodical headphone reviews.
Cool people
- Redlolz
- Cadence